About us
About us

How it all started

With a dream to start his own business, Mr Paresh Rajda embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

On his journey, he incubated a team of entrepreneurs to look after the various business interests of the Rajda Group.

In a postcard from Germany, Mr.Rajda’s cousin informed him about the need for industrial leather gloves in a rapidly growing German manufacturing sector. This postcard laid the groundwork for the Rajda Group’s inroads into the leather industry.

With the help of his wife Arati Rajda, Mr. Rajda grew his humble venture into a global leather powerhouse partnering with some of the oldest and most sought after luxury leather goods brands on the planet.

The fashion goods division spanning 15 countries is now headed by his son, Gautam Rajda, the current managing director, who has revolutionized the way leather products are made by introducing new production techniques and cutting-edge manufacturing technology from across the globe to the factory floor at Rajda.

With a passion for high-quality products and an obsession for efficiency, Gautam is taking the Rajda group to a new level of excellence.

Over the last decade, the Rajda Group has seen something of a transformation in its mindset towards manufacturing. It has moved from treating leather goods as ‘crafted products’ to ‘engineered products’. This mindset helps bring an unparalleled level of precision, quality and reliability. Not only has it helped in improving the quality of the products but also increased production and resource efficiency. At Rajda, we call this ‘Engineered Luxury’.

All the products manufactured at Rajda are engineered to resemble the original design to the finest details.

We work with quality checks and analysis after every process to ensure that the rejections and rework are limited to just 2%, when the final product is created.

To conserve our natural resources and grow sustainably, the Rajda Group has invested in sustainable manufacturing processes like its own solar power plant which accounts for the 50% of the total energy consumption of its manufacturing facilities. The sewage from the factory is treated in an all-natural sewage treatment plant that provides free organic fertilizer to the farmers in the vicinity.

In recent times, we have been consulting with Italian technicians and experts, who are also global trendsetters in the leather industry. These experts have helped improve out manufacturing processes and inculcate a design-oriented approach towards manufacturing leather goods. This has significantly improved product quality and production efficiency. With improved material sourcing across the globe for leather and sustainable materials, Rajda has emerged as a valuable supply chain partner time after time.

Mr. Paresh Rajda

Rajda achieved global exposure with sacrifices, hard work and quickly became a valued name in the leather industry.

Mr Rajda ventured into several businesses few succeeded, few failed, but the maestro never stopped. The house specialized in seafood exports, chemical distribution before expanding into the leather industry in 1980.

His spirit to build a team of entrepreneurs gave birth to a legacy of ‘Engineered luxury’. The brand came into existence because of a postcard from his cousin that came all the way from Germany searching for genuine leather shipment.

Since its humble beginning over 60 years ago, he believed “this idea of being willing learners, is one that I am happy to say the whole organization shares with me”. This spirit accompanied by a commitment to quality and state of art of machinery helped the house grow from a small business to an international brand.